We like to think our website packages represent the best possible value for money. They provide small and start up businesses with an effective way of getting their fair share of local enquiries without spending a fortune....

Want to pay more upfront and keep the monthly fees low? This is the deal for you. Pay £750 upfront, then...

  • £29.95 monthly
  • Website design and build
  • Optimised Google my Business page
  • Social Media Integration
  • Premium hosting

A lower one-off fee and slightly more per month gives you the best of both worlds. Pay £500 up-front, then...

  • £39.95 monthly
  • Website design and build
  • Optimised Google my Business page
  • Social Media Integration
  • Premium hosting

Prefer an even lower one-off cost and then a slightly higher monthly fee. Pay just £250 up-front, then...

  • £49.95 monthly
  • Website design and build
  • Optimised Google my Business page
  • Social Media Integration
  • Premium hosting

Want just a website?  We can help!
Our professionally designed website deals start from as little as £250 upfront then just...

  • £29.95 monthly
  • Website design and build
  • Responsive functionality – view on any device
  • Social Media Integration
  • Premium hosting including SSL certificate

Already have a website?

Want to outrank your competitors on-line? An optimised ‘Google my Business’ page will help you get the local enquiries you deserve. Only £595.00 p.a. (£50 p.m. option also available)

  • Professionally built ‘Google My Business’ page
  • Your secret weapon to rank higher on Google
  • Great value for money and cheaper than Adwords
  • Fully optimised by professional SEO experts

Website and Google my Business plan...

  • To start things rolling, we charge a single, one off payment of just £250.00 which covers some of the initial outgoings and set up fees.
  • Once this payment has been received we’ll get started designing and optimising your website and building your ‘Google my Business’ page.
  • You’ll receive a preview of your new website for review and any corrections made at which point the balance of the upfront fee will be invoiced – on receipt of payment your site will go live!

Web design Westerham

All from your local web designer in Westerham

Monthly fees...

After that the monthly payment will be set up on direct debit. This means for the price of a small advert, you’ll have a modern, effective website and a ‘Google my Business’ page working for you and driving customers to your business.

Here’s what it includes...

  • Eye-catching website that’s bespoke to your business
  • Fully optimised ‘Google my Business’ page
  • Premium hosting with the latest security features and super fast connectivity
  • SSL Certificate (The green Padlock symbol)
  • Social media links such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Responsive web design that will work on any device
  • Interactive Google map
  • Checkatrade live page (if applicable)
  • Email hosting

Additional costs...

We understand that no two businesses are the same so why should their website be?

As your local web designer we have a range of additional services and products that will make your website truly unique and cater for any special functionality your business may require...



We’ll compose the home page wording then rely on you to provide the text for the other pages such as the services or products you provide and technical information.

However, in many cases our customers commission us to compose the text with typical costs starting as little as £150.00 (we’ll provide a personalised quotation based on each individual project)

copy writer

Professional images

We’ll include eye catching home page images to bring your website to life and then rely on you to provide photos of your work, premises or products.

However, if you require further images to embellish the other pages of your website, let us know and we’ll provide a quotation.

pprofessional images

Added functionality

Our website package includes a contact form and various plug-ins to help the smooth running of your site.

However, if you require additional features such as booking forms, third party software integration or even e-commerce, let us know and we’ll provide a personalised quotation.

creating web forms

Let’s make awesome things, together.