Prussian roulette or 'Give me your wurst'

How to win a duel with sausages

Sometimes seemingly “unwinnable” situations can be transmuted into victory by a simple shift in perspective.

Rudolph Virchow
Rudolph Virchow

German pathologist and liberal politician Rudolf Virchow was the leader of the radicals in the Prussian parliament and a vocal critic of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

Otto von Bismarck

Growing tired of Virchow’s verbal attacks, in 1865 Bismarck put Virchow in an unwinnable situation: he challenged him to a duel. Bismarck was a trained marksman and Virchow’s only military experience was as a Medical Doctor.

But Virchow won. How?

As the challenged party Virchow could choose the weapons – he chose sausages!

Virchow asked Bismarck to be informed of the choice of weapons. One of the sausages would be infected with deadly germs. The other would be perfectly sound. Each would eat one sausage and Bismarck could choose which.

Bismarck promptly cancelled the duel.

All stories have a moral and this is no different……

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