SEO & Google My Business

Google My Business

A fully optimised ‘Google My Business page’ will be your secret weapon in outranking your competitors and getting your fair share of local sales enquiries.

For most small businesses looking for local customers, this is the most cost-effective ‘win’ you can get!

Many companies have them but few understand what a powerful marketing tool they can be, especially when they are professionally optimised and used in conjunction with an effective, well designed website.

At Local Websites, our premium package integrates the best of both worlds but at sensible, affordable monthly fees.

We’ll discuss your needs and will work out the best strategy for success based on local competition, current search trends and of course…your services.

Do you already have a website but want to build your company’s local exposure with a Google my Business page? No problem. We’ll build a fully optimised page and really get your business on the map.

  • Fully optimised Google My Business Page
  • Listings / Back links from a host of high ranking online Directories. We will create new listings or claim and update existing ones.
  • We shall monitor the progress, making changes and adding new entries.
  • Supply postcards so you can ask existing/previous customers for testimonials
  • Give you advisory information on your website content and Social Media activity
  • Monthly reports that give you information on where your visitors come from and what search terms they used if coming from a search engine. This is invaluable management information pulled in from numerous sources.

We have had huge success with our 'Google My Business' system, and now we can offer this for a low monthly fee!


  1. Pay Yearly: Google My Business SEO package - 12 Months - £550 
  2. Pay Monthly: Google My Business SEO package - Monthly - £50 
  3. New WordPress website (up to 7 pages) plus Google My Business SEO package - £250 up front and £550 p.a. or £50 p.m.
    (All prices +VAT. For larger and non-brochure sites, contact us for a quote)

There is no ongoing commitment, but there is a large amount of work involved and results are not instant. Although you will notice improvements within weeks, it is an ongoing process that can take around 12 months to reach your potential. After that maintenance is essential otherwise rankings will slip.

We will work with you to ensure a steady progress up the Google rankings. Google changes it's search algorithms all time. It is our job to find out about those so your business can make the most of them!

Ready to get your Google My Business optimised? Click to fill out our fact sheet.

If you are a larger business with national coverage you can still benefit from our system, but we would need to talk to you to specifically tailor a package to your requirements. Please contact us. 

Let’s make awesome things, together.